Sticky Actions - Easy way to provide buyers with action options while scrolling!

Sticky Actions is an easy way to add floating buttons with various actions to ANY pages of your store. Increase conversion rate by showing CTAs and often used actions right in front of your visitors.

Our app costs $3.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.

Available on Shopify App Store Demo

Sticky Actions Showcase


1. Create any actions you need on any page you want.

From a simple link to social media actions and cart management functions - everything you need to increase the conversion rate. Shop visitors will be followed by actions panel (CTA buttons) while scrolling.

2. Customize the actions in the way how you see it.

Upload the icons and or use some from a built-in gallery, place the actions panel where you want on the page. Configure the behavior and look of actions panel according to the user experience you want the visitors to have.

3. Limitless management capabilities.

You can publish the actions panel in the way you want - single actions for all pages, unique actions for a particular page, or any configuration which fits your shop.

Installation Process


Create a few Sticky Actions

Upload images with drag & drop, tune action settings, etc.


Enable ScriptTag for Storefront

It's necessary for displaying actions on your store.

Explore installation guide to learn more.

Our App is PARTNER FRIENDLY. Ready to try?

Sticky Actions app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your development stores!